2 More Fishy Firms Banned By MICHAEL O. ALLEN, Daily News Staff Writer

Saturday, December 30, 1995

In an ongoing war against allegedly mobbed-up companies at the Fulton Fish Market, the Giuliani administration yesterday banned two firms from parking and loading for fish retailers.

The city booted Beekman Dock Loaders and C&A Fish Lifters Inc., ordering them to cease operations at the fish market immediately, based on a review of criminal background information the companies supplied as part of a recently imposed licensing system.

Carmine (Baby Carmine) Russo, 50, of Beekman Dock Loaders submitted a 17-page crime and arrest history with his application, and Elio (Chinatown) Albanese, 46, of C&A Fish Lifters Inc., filed five pages.

Law enforcement officials also said Russo and Albanese are reputed soldiers in the Genovese crime family and members of the crew of Alphonse (Allie Shades) Malangone, a reputed Genovese captain and market boss.

City Business Services Commissioner Rudy Washington said the arrest records and allegations were enough to disqualify both companies.

Gerald McMahon, an attorney for the Fulton Fish Market Loaders Association, could not be reached for comment on the decision.