$304,000 LOTTA GS FOR GIULIANIS by MICHAEL O. ALLEN, Daily News Staff Writer

Saturday, April 13, 1996

Rudy and Donna Hanover Giuliani’s combined income jumped to $ 303,889 last year, thanks to the First Lady’s blossoming radio, television and film career, their 1995 tax returns show.

The 21% increase from the couple’s $ 250,343 reported earnings for 1994 marked the second large increase for Hanover Giuliani in as many years.

Their earnings will take another jump this year with the mayor’s $ 35,000 pay raise, which will boost his salary to $ 165,000. He also will collect $ 17,000 in retroactive pay.

Last year, the mayor earned $ 115,256 from his City Hall job after socking away $ 14,744 in a tax-deferred retirement account. His wife earned $ 145,643, up from $ 113,818 in 1994. They paid 35.9% of their combined income in taxes $ 73,927 to Uncle Sam and $ 35,235 to Albany and New York compared with 31% in 1994. They opted to apply $ 8,482 in refunds to their 1996 taxes.

GRAPHIC: SUSAN WATTS DAILY NEWS NO FOOLING, clowns from The Greatest Show on Earth are serious about taxes. Monday’s the deadline.