A Recurring Nightmare

The BP Deepwater Horizon catastrophe is a perfect Republican Party trap: Watch as a Democratic administration and Congress drown in the oil disaster while they clean up at the polls. Then Republicans return to office and begin the cycle by laying the bombs that’ll detonate under the next Democratic administration.

Does anyone remember Dick Cheney’s behind-the-door meetings with energy executives in W.’s maladministration? Or the two wars they bequeathed Americans?

For those who have forgotten, Brian Conners has written a recap at Associated Content that I think is worth reading. His earlier piece pointed fingers also.

Sure, President Barack Obama has been feckless in dealing with a disaster-not-of-his-making.

How difficult can it be to say that British Petroleum, besides paying for every penny that it costs to clean up the Gulf and other regions affected by this disaster, should have all of its officers brought to account for this disaster.

Yet, the president hasĀ  not been able to summon the passion to condemn this crime. Fine, set up a commission, if you must. But, first, BP executives should be wearing prison jumpsuits.

Cheney has some explaining to do. Before Congress.

A final question: Why is it that Halliburton (Dick Cheney’s employer) is always around looking guilty whenever something is hurting our nation?

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  1. Nicely written, I don’t doubt this was sabotage, but let us not give them the benefit of the doubt, let us rejoice in the images it has provided, of oil covered slugs and pelicans and dolphins washing ashore, leading one facebook friend of mine to declare on her status update, “…is wondering how many dolphins per gallon I am getting…” We all feel pain when others are suffering, this is the pain we are feeling because of the massive slaughter going on in the ocean for, as you mentioned the “Levee breaking” plausibility, wasn’t sounding like a bomb going off in the ninth ward.

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