Another Dangerous Trump Idea

Donald Trump, the GOP nominee for President of the United States, proves daily that he is not in the race to win it. But he aims to cause as much havoc as he can on the way to not winning the presidency.

How else do you explain his efforts to recruit poll watchers in order to combat “cheating” by the Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party nominee?

Trump is the first candidate for President of the United States to use overtly racist appeals and he has now drafted as his campaign director Stephen Bannon, CEO of Breitbart News, who boasts that his news website is the propaganda “platform for the alt-right.”

Trump's Pledge

What proof does Trump have that Hillary Clinton is somehow planning to steal the election? None but then he’s never needed any to launch charges. His only evidence seems to be that the courts won’t allow some of the various GOP vote-suppression gambits to continue. At least some courts are willing to put a stop to those immoral efforts.

People in some quarters have been able to discern what Trump’s true aim is, other than becoming President of the United States: the establishment of a white nationalist television empire.

But his language on the trail has turned dangerous and somebody has to talk him into stopping stoking his supporters’ anger. It’s one thing to run a joke candidacy, to even run it as a business venture. But are there limits to the stress that we can put our election system through?

In 2000, a national election was stolen and nothing came of it in the sense that people didn’t react. The resulting administration first ignored an intelligence report about imminent terror attacks. Then it launched two disastrous and divisive overseas wars that did much to erode U.S. standing in the world. So, elections matter, but the sanctity of our electoral system should be sacrosanct and a candidate should not willy nilly question its integrity.

Trump has stoked violence at his rallies and suggested violence may be a suitable way for his supporters to respond if he does not win.

I hope no one gets hurt as a result of this kind of talk.